Criminal Defense

You do not have to fight through a criminal case alone. Whether you have been wrongly accused, or the prosecutors from the state of Florida have insufficient evidence, if you do not have the proper defense, you may find yourself in more problems than you were first encountered with. Any person who faces the criminal court is susceptible to harsh reprimands by the law, making it crucial to find an aggressive and educated attorney. To help clear your charges and bring back a peace of mind, you need to get all charges dropped by the State Attorney’s Office or dismissed by trial in court. In finding the right attorney to represent you, your freedom and rights, you cannot settle for mediocrity. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney from Medgebow law, who uses every resource available for your defense, is key to obtaining the results that are in your favor in court. With years of knowledge and expertise, we are the men to call when the law is not on your side.

Cases in which we represent clients include:

• Aiding & Abetting / Accessory
• Assault
• Arson
• Aggravated Assault / Battery
• Attempt
• Battery
• Bribery
• Child Abandonment
• Child Abuse
• Computer Crime
• Conspiracy
• Credit / Debit Card Fraud
• Criminal Contempt of Court
• Cyber Bullying
• Disorderly Conduct
• Disturbing the Peace
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
• Drug Trafficking / Distribution
• Embezzlement
• Extortion
• Forgery
• Fraud
• Harassment
• Hate Crimes
• Homicide
• Indecent Exposure
• Identity Theft
• Insurance Fraud
• Kidnapping
• Manslaughter: Involuntary
• Manslaughter: Voluntary
• Medical Marijuana
• MIP: A Minor in Possession
• Money Laundering
• Murder: First-degree
• Murder: Second-degree
• Probation Violation
• Prostitution
• Public Intoxication
• Pyramid Schemes
• Robbery
• Securities Fraud
• Sexual Assault
• Shoplifting
• Solicitation
• Stalking
• Statutory Rape
• Tax Evasion / Fraud
• Telemarketing Fraud
• Vandalism
• White Collar Crimes
• Wire Fraud

The criminal defense attorneys at Medgebow Law take an aggressive approach to representing individuals dealing with personal law. Many of our clients have no prior criminal record and never imagined being on the wrong side of the law. After an accusation is made, many of our clients report having a difficult time processing the events surrounding their interrogation and arrest. Many find the entire process a frustrating experience that tears away their sense of dignity and right to privacy. At Medgebow law, we understand how tiring and frustrating the entire process is. This is why we make you our priority. To help throughout the court process, you must feel safe and confident in your defense to keep your emotions stable. At Medgebow Law, your confidence and assurance is safe with us. We will work beside you throughout the whole process. No secrets, no surprises, no further problems. You are our top priority.

Contact  our office to schedule an initial consultation, either over the phone or in the office, so that you can speak with an experienced attorney about the particular facts of your case. If the opportunity is given, we would be more than happy to represent you and your case. We will work around the clock to make sure your case is settled in your favor. We will fight for you, not for us.


We Work For You!